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Questions and Answers

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Q Are Tanygnathus loud? 
A  Yes, they can be, not as loud usually as Amazons and Macaws but the more one has, the louder they become, especially around breeding season. 

Do they like to be petted? 
A  No, in fact they are known as one of the touch-me-not parrots.  I have raised many babies and they are just as cuddly as other baby birds but when they reach age of 1-2 years they shy away from much touching and prefer a kiss to the beak or lightly to the back. 

Q  Are Tanygnathus good talkers, is it difficult to teach?
A  Most birds are relatively easy to teach, especially if you talk to them!  I keep several species of birds, I talk to all of them when feeding and cleaning their cages.  Most say a few things, some more than others. Pay close attention to when they are covered for the night and early in the morning, I find that is when you may hear them whispering and practicing their vocabulary.

Do Tanygnathus have favorite foods?
Some do while others will try almost anything, they are typically very good eaters.  All of ours especially enjoy their fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly juicy fruits such as grapes and oranges.  They also enjoy nuts in the shell though some require precracking of the larger nuts.

Can you pair up wild caught birds and domestic Tanygnathus?
A We have done that successfully, however due to the possible aggression of the female, be sure the male is either the same age or older than the female.  Also, they should be placed in the largest possible flight, at least 4x4x8 feet, larger is better,  we have had good luck with 6x6x12 feet. Separate feeding stations should be provided as an overly aggressive hen may keep the male from eating.  Please read our articles for further tips regarding nest boxes, etc.


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