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The Tanygnathus parrot international information network, founded in 2000.

The Tanygnathus Society is made up of an international group of aviculturists interested in the Tanygnathus Genus Parrots.

Its’ publication, The Tanygnathus Society Bulletin , has informative and useful articles, is put out three times a year, and is sent to every member.  Each issue carries a “For Sale & Wanted” classified section that is free to members for ads concerning Tanygnathus species and related supplies.

The Society will conduct a periodic census (individual owner/breeder information is completely confidential) of all Tanygnathus kept and raised by the membership.

Member names and addresses are always kept confidential.

The Tanygnathus Society is staffed completely by volunteers and their Tanygnathus companions.

The Society is active on all continents and in many countries.  This is the International Tanygnathus Information Network.

Please print the following form. One year membership is $20 for U.S. members. Enclose check for $20, ($26 for Canadian membership) payable to Tanygnathus Society and mail to:

The Tanygnathus Society
4510 Buckingham Road
Fort Myers, FL  33905

Name: ________________________________________                                                                                                           

Address: ______________________________________


State/Province: _________________________________

Zip/Postal Code:________________________________                                                                                                                                                     

Phone: _______________________________________                                     

Fax: _________________________________________

E-Mail: _______________________________________

Web Site: _____________________________________




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