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Enjoy our wonderful photos of members of the Tanygnathus Society

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New babies
Cathy Graham


Cedrick (Ceddie) hatched 
May 16, 2003.

He was 4 weeks when the pictures were taken.

Diana Holloway

Cedrick (Ceddie) at 16 weeks, fully feathered. Isn't he just magnificent?

Stay tuned for more updates of Ceddie.

Diana Holloway



Sharri Roser


Baby Waldo, now grown up and living in California.

June Dinger


Almost weaned and starting 
to eat on their own.

Karl Kaup


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New Great Billed Baby @ 3 weeks
Getting the wings ready

Photo by Cathi Graham



Owned by Cathi Graham

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Great Billed baby and friends

Owned by June Dinger

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Balkie, mature male Great Bill

Owner - Cathi Graham


Great Billed babies

Owner June Dinger

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Rico - Great Bill

Owner - June Dinger

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