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I wish we would hear from more of you with stories about your wonderful Tanygnathus. Perhaps the indepth article by Cathi Graham detailing personality traits will inspire some of you to write and tell of your adventures, either with your pet birds or breeders for future issues.

All is quiet here in Florida at present though it seems at least weekly we see another tropical wave threatening to turn into a storm. We have had so many more this year than in the past, hope they all stay at sea and everyone keeps safe. So far we have not had any come close enough to warrant the birds being moved indoors, good for them and us!

The article from the wild by Bonnie Zimmerman makes my heart sing, I can close my eyes and visualize all those glorious GB's in their native habitat doing their thing! We are very fortunate to have friends in Project Bird Watch helping us learn a little more about our beloved Tanygnathus natural habits. We hope to continue helping them in their efforts in conservation and protection of the wild parrots.


P.S. We have not heard from our members in the Gulf states devastated by Katrina, hopefully we will know something for the next issue later this year.

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