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Friends,  Our Tanygnathus Society pin is here!  They are for sale for $8.50 each, which includes shipping and handling.   They are gorgeous!

Order TODAY, for yourself, friends, family. A wonderful way to promote The Tanygnathus Genus and our society.


Please print this form and mail together with your check or money order for $8.50 for each pin, payable to The Tanygnathus Society and mail to:
    The Tanygnathus Society
    4510 Buckingham Road
    Fort Myers, FL  33905



                                Mailing Address:______________________________

                                City:_________________ State____ Zip __________

                                Phone: ___________________ (include area code)

                                I would like to order (how many) ______ Tanygnathus Pins at $8.50 each.

                                Total amount included with order is - No. of Pins ____ X $8.50 = $__________


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